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Welcome to our Eagle Families! School is back in session!!

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After School Optional Classes

We provide experiences beyond books. Here are a few of the classes we have available.


Several new after school classes will be offered soon. Golf, robotics and chess are in the works and once they are a go, students will bring home more information!


There are Mental Health & Emotional Benefits in playing guitar. There are also great cognitive benefits here for improving focus, intelligence, and motor skills.


Beginning in the Spring of 2022, St. John’s will be offering private and class piano to their students. These classes will be offered for Kindergarten through 8th grade. This is a great opportunity for children who are interested in learning more about piano.


Stretch-n-Grow is a healthy program for high energy 3 year olds-Kindergarten. In this Wednesday class after school, emphasis is placed on foods that fuel growing bodies and making good choices, stretching, flexibility, movement and living a healthy lifestyle.