Lopez, Fr. Rick

School Chaplain

As members of the Episcopal Church, we carry a strong and rich tradition of worship that is deeply rooted in the traditions of our ancestors as we recognize and respond to God’s call to love today.  Our daily chapel service brings together the children of St. John’s School and celebrates the love of God as it is revealed through the presence of Christ.  Our students are encouraged to participate in morning service and are invited to celebrate the presence of love in their lives in its multifaceted forms.  During these services, some of the children also serve in leadership roles, which helps in the development of self-confidence as they lead their fellow students in worship.  As an Episcopal School, we strive to live out the Episcopal Church’s motto: “All are welcome.”  As such, we recognize the salvific love of Christ while understanding that some of our students come from religious traditions that may differ.  All are truly welcome, and chapel service is adapted to serve as a moment of spiritual respite for the children as they begin their day and as they move into their classroom work and beyond the school at the end.  At St. John’s School chapel service, all are welcome as we celebrate the great love of God!

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